The Man Behind

Goldmine Properties

Mike Cherwenka

In 1996, Mike Cherwenka started renovating and selling wholesale real estate in the Atlanta metro area. To date, he has flipped more than 2,150 homes.

In addition to renovating homes, Mikes sells 2/3 of his inventory at wholesale prices to investors. Mike purchases massive amounts of distressed homes from banks, tax sales, probate, owners, and more due to his stellar reputation of closing quickly with cash.  

Most Importantly, he has individuals and groups of investors who continuously buy homes from him because they make money. If you're looking to flip your first house or a season investor, Mike Cherwenka is the man you want to work with.

Mike's Step-By-Step

Real Estate Success

As Atlanta's leader in full service real estate wholesaler, we can help you with the following steps:
Step 1 - Find you the deal at 65% of the after repair value (includes purchase price and repairs).

Step 2 -  Provide a certified appraisal to validate value.
Step 3 -  Finance the purchase price and repairs.
Step 4 -  Have access to our "in house" contractors to complete repairs for you.
Step 5 -  Use our selling agents to sell your beautiful renovated home.